Security & Access

This site is a secure, multi-user, blogging, and collaborating system. & there are 2 levels of security access for all person/member biographies

    1. Partially open:- Parent details (if known), child/children details (if known), birth location & date (if known), death locations & date (if known), Marriage date, locations, and Spouse details (if known):- viewable to search engines and non-logged-in viewers, this will be for deceased biographies, information already fully available to search engines and members of the public via the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and open public records of Births, Marriages, and Deaths. Biography names and headshot photograph (if available) are also viewable by search engines and non-logged-in users.
    2. Fully open:- To authorised and logged in users

Inspiration & Inception

    • Jim and Michael’s father Maurice was a keen photographer, 5 or 6 years before their father died (d:2015) he gave them a box containing over 200 old family photos, including individual, group, family & wedding photographs. Our father had written some information on the back of many of the photos with who he thought or knew the people were.
    • Our mother did something very similar the next year. 
    • Michael then scanned all the photos and created a database of names, people, places dates, etc.
    • Our father then asked us if we could put photographs, a family tree & bio information online to share with all our families.

    • Jim joined in 2014, his tree is called Moody, Walton, Hannes, Davies, Becker but please be aware that (since creating our website) we have stopped adding anything or correcting anything in that tree since 2017 and that old tree has many outstanding errors, animosities and people missing.
    • We stopped using as:-
      • Costs to ourselves and other family members were prohibitive:-
      • Very limited to how many photos per person you can have (you want to add more and the costs shoot up again):-
      • No uploading of video:-
      • Very limited “Biography” section (255 characters or less).

Building our website in 2016

    • and most other Genealogy websites have the ability to Export, move/copy/add/update/synchronise family trees (or parts of) across different sites using “Gedcom” or “Ged file” an easy way to share information.
    • We exported our family tree (Gedcom file)  into  a WordPress plugin called “Genealogical Tree”.
    • We have been steadily fixing errors & issues over the years (and many are still outstanding (awaiting more information/clarification from other families) the collective tree has now trebled in size since the migration from Ancestry to our site.
    • The site is free to users, who can upload an unlimited number of photographs and other documents.
    • The site is a secured collaboration and storage medium for the variety of disparate sources of information and documents from family members and online resources etc.
    • The site allows users to export part of whole family trees via Gedcom files.
    • The site currently has 18 users/authors.

Gathering information from our family 

    • In addition to a large amount of information (and photographs) from both our parents, our thanks also to our aunts, Sandra & Barbara & our father’s cousin Eileen who also provided a large amount of information. 

Technical information

    • This site is written by, hosted by, and managed by Michael Moody.
    • The site is built using WordPress open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL WordPress is installed within a web server. Features include a plugin architecture and a template system. WordPress was used by more than 23.3% of the top 10 million websites as of January 2015 WordPress is the most popular blogging system in use on the Web, with more than 60 million websites.

Helping us

    • Please use the built-in blogging “Comments” on the site to let us have information, names, dates, etc (saves us a lot of time) on people and on photographs rather than emailing (that’s a hassle), and it’s easier and quicker for you as well.
    • Please help us as much as you can with feedback on both technical issues and content.

The Future

    • Jim and Michael are hoping that the next generation of their family will take over the running and funding of this site and maintain the records for future generations.